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MUN awards ceremony

11/12/2009 21:25

You(mun participant) are cordially invited to the mun awards ceremony 2009, which will take place on December 16 at the MGI Auditorium.

Final Security and Admission policies
-Guests are reminded that this Award Ceremony extends primarily to mun participants.
-For security & control purposes you should bring along your MUNC-09 badge along with you.
-If you wish to bring along guests, you are to contact Mr Dabee who will issue access cards.
-Issuance of access cards is on a case by case basis at Mr Dabee's discretion.
-For verification purposes a guest list database has already been made.
-Admission is only on the basis of access cards and mun badges.
-If you have somehow lost your badge, the student ID card is acceptable.
-People found in possession of alcohol, or in a state of ebriety will be severely dealt with.

Mr Dabee contact details
Phone number: 6015204 / 6015214
E-mail Add. : ndabee@mail.gov.mu

For additional information, contact an MUN representative:
Phone numbers:

Dress code
Anything smart will do

1 pm -Distribution of certificates
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm -MUN official ceremony
Awards conferred
Parading of best delegations\best delegates

3.30 pm onwards -Concert\live music


MUN movie

10/07/2009 18:50

The MCA will air on Wednesday, 22 July, a 23 min long clip on MUN. Tune in to the knowledge channel at 6 pm to watch it!


Merged resolutions available on Monday

10/07/2009 18:49

Merged resolutions will be posted online on Monday. Check back on this website to download them or view them online.


Amended Timeline

19/06/2009 11:15



27, 28, 29 July 2009

Auditorium Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius



Our ref: ME 210/63

                                                                                                                        16 June 2009


From:   Supervising Officer


To:       Director, Zones 1-4

            Director, P.S.S.A.

            Director, M.G.I. (Schooling Sector)


Model United Nations Conference


            As per timeline already communicated earlier, the Meeting for “Merged Resolutions” is scheduled for Monday 22 June 2009 at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.


2.         Following an amendment of the timeline, on 22 June 2009, ALL PARTICIPANTS, instead of “All Delegates and Chairpersons” should attend the meeting.


3.         The amended timeline/activity is now as below:






Friday 12 June


List of merging countries to be downloaded


Monday 22 June

8.30 – 14.30 hrs


·    Merging Session – Delegates & Chairpersons

·    Uniform: Secretaries & Security Officers

·    Allocation of responsibilities – Press


Friday 26 June (at latest)


Head Delegate to submit Copy of Merged Resolutions – 2 copies + Floppy

Room 2.39, MOE, IVTB, Phoenix

Wednesday 1 July, Thursday 2 July

8.30 – 14.30 hrs

Resolution Approval Panel Meeting (Core group only)

Room 2.50, MOE, IVTB, Phoenix

Friday 10 July


Merged Approved Resolutions to be downloaded


Friday 24 July

As from noon

Preparation of Conference Rooms

ONLY Chairpersons and Security Officers to attend


Monday 27, Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 July

8.30 – 16.00 hrs

Conference Days





4.         Kindly arrange for release of Coordinators to accompany the participants.


5.         Updated information regarding the Conference is available on https://ministry-education.gov.mu


6.         Thank you for your sustained collaboration.






Narain Dabee

     for Supervising Officer



Uniforms for secretaries and security guards

19/06/2009 11:14



27, 28, 29 July 2009

Auditorium Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius



Meeting:         M.G.I., Monday 22 June as from 8.30 hrs



                        UNIFORMS FOR SECURITY OFFICERS




Cloth (la toile) will be on sale at the MGI as follows:


Two Options


Option 1:        Jupe + Veste (2 metres x 110) = Rs 220

                    Scarf = 25

                    TOTAL = Rs 245


Option 2:        Veste + Pantalon (2 metres 50 x 110) = Rs 275

                    Scarf = Rs 25

                    TOTAL = Rs 300





Two Options


Option 1:        Veste + Pantalon (3 metres x 150) = Rs 450


Option 2:        Gilet + Pantalon (2 metres x 150) = Rs 300







List of merging countries available!

14/06/2009 19:33

Just click here


Information for Coordinators (Jury only)

13/06/2009 19:20


DAY 2           JURY


·       Coordinators are expected to evaluate delegates as members of the jury in each commission and Security Council on Day 2.

·       All members must be present by 8.30 a.m on Day 2.

·       They will be briefed on their role on MERGING DAY.

·       They will be given a bag/file which contains the following documents on DAY 2:

o   Criteria for best delegations and delegates

o   Best delegations assessment form

o   A list of countries in each commission

o   A best delegation form

o   A best delegate form

o   Some plain paper

o   An envelope

·       They must collect the bag/file from the person-in-charge on Day 2.

·       There will be a briefing of 10 minutes at 8.30 a.m outside the MGI auditorium on Day 2.

·       After evaluating the delegates using the best delegations assessment form for each resolution and compiling the points, members of the jury must fill in the best delegations form with the list of 15 best delegations in their commissions and sign the form.

·       The Security Council should give a list of 7 best delegations and sign the form.

·       The members of the jury must fill in the best delegates form with the name of the country selected for best delegate in their commission and sign the form.

·       The best delegations and best delegate forms must be put in an envelope which is then sealed.

·       The envelope must be handed to the person-in-charge in the afternoon of Day 2 after all debates of resolutions in commissions have ended.

·       If a member of the jury has not submitted the envelope in the afternoon, he/she must do so by 8.30 on Day 3.

·       The selections of the jury must be confidential.


Letter to delegates

13/06/2009 02:02



27, 28, 29 July 2009

Auditorium Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius


                                                                                                                        12 June 2009



Dear Delegate,


Merged Resolution and Preparation for Conference


A copy of 75 merged Resolutions will be made accessible to you on https://ministry-education.gov.mu. by Wednesday 8 July 2009.


You must now embark on an intensive preparation, which will empower you to take active part in the deliberations both at your respective Commission and at the General Assembly levels.


Ascertain that you obtain copies of the Resolution you will have to discuss and become conversant with the ‘Special Rules of Parliamentary Procedure’ (pages 19-26 of Handbook already available on website). Also get to understand fully the criteria of assessment for Best Delegates and Best Delegations (equally available on website).


Remember that on Day 1 (Monday 27 July 2009) registration starts at 08 00 hrs and lateness will be considered as most undiplomatic.


On Saturday 24 July (Pre-Conference Day) the whole organizing team, the Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary General, the Security Officers, the Chairpersons should be present at the MGI Auditorium as from noon.


Your 2nd Term school holidays this year are special as they begin with a unique educational experience which the Model United Nations Conference indeed is!


Good luck! See you soon!






Narain Dabee




Merged resolution submission

13/06/2009 01:51



27, 28, 29 July 2009

Auditorium Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius


Our ref: ME 210/63

                                                                                                                        12 June 2009


School Coordinator



Dear Sir/Madam,


Merged Resolution


            Kindly inform Delegates designated for the purpose of writing the Merged Resolution that they should personally submit the copy of the Merged Resolution to the undersigned at latest on Friday 26 June 2009 in Room 2.39, Ministry of Education, Culture & Human Resources, 2nd Floor, IVTB House, Phoenix.


            The Merged Resolution must:


1.      be typed

2.      be written according to the format provided in the Information Booklet


The font to be used is Verdana size 12.


            The Merged Resolution should be submitted to the Resolution Approval Panel (Room 2.39) in two printed copies and one copy on a floppy disc, properly labelled (Commission and Question No).


            By 10 July 2009, all approved Resolutions would be available on https://ministry-education.gov.mu. Should any Coordinator not be in a position, for technical or other reason, to download the Merged Resolution and provide same to Delegates, they would have to arrange for collection of a printed copy from the MUN Secretariat (Room 2.39) by 10 July 2009 at latest.


            Thank you for your usual collaboration.


Yours faithfully,




Narain Dabee

    for Supervising Officer





Website approved

30/05/2009 20:44

MUN web has officially been approved by the ministry. That means you'll find the most up to date information on this website, and the most accurate information, straight from the mun organisers.

Have fun browsing!

-Sean Mangar, Founder


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