Merged resolution submission

13/06/2009 01:51



27, 28, 29 July 2009

Auditorium Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius


Our ref: ME 210/63

                                                                                                                        12 June 2009


School Coordinator



Dear Sir/Madam,


Merged Resolution


            Kindly inform Delegates designated for the purpose of writing the Merged Resolution that they should personally submit the copy of the Merged Resolution to the undersigned at latest on Friday 26 June 2009 in Room 2.39, Ministry of Education, Culture & Human Resources, 2nd Floor, IVTB House, Phoenix.


            The Merged Resolution must:


1.      be typed

2.      be written according to the format provided in the Information Booklet


The font to be used is Verdana size 12.


            The Merged Resolution should be submitted to the Resolution Approval Panel (Room 2.39) in two printed copies and one copy on a floppy disc, properly labelled (Commission and Question No).


            By 10 July 2009, all approved Resolutions would be available on Should any Coordinator not be in a position, for technical or other reason, to download the Merged Resolution and provide same to Delegates, they would have to arrange for collection of a printed copy from the MUN Secretariat (Room 2.39) by 10 July 2009 at latest.


            Thank you for your usual collaboration.


Yours faithfully,




Narain Dabee

    for Supervising Officer




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