Information for Coordinators (Jury only)

13/06/2009 19:20


DAY 2           JURY


·       Coordinators are expected to evaluate delegates as members of the jury in each commission and Security Council on Day 2.

·       All members must be present by 8.30 a.m on Day 2.

·       They will be briefed on their role on MERGING DAY.

·       They will be given a bag/file which contains the following documents on DAY 2:

o   Criteria for best delegations and delegates

o   Best delegations assessment form

o   A list of countries in each commission

o   A best delegation form

o   A best delegate form

o   Some plain paper

o   An envelope

·       They must collect the bag/file from the person-in-charge on Day 2.

·       There will be a briefing of 10 minutes at 8.30 a.m outside the MGI auditorium on Day 2.

·       After evaluating the delegates using the best delegations assessment form for each resolution and compiling the points, members of the jury must fill in the best delegations form with the list of 15 best delegations in their commissions and sign the form.

·       The Security Council should give a list of 7 best delegations and sign the form.

·       The members of the jury must fill in the best delegates form with the name of the country selected for best delegate in their commission and sign the form.

·       The best delegations and best delegate forms must be put in an envelope which is then sealed.

·       The envelope must be handed to the person-in-charge in the afternoon of Day 2 after all debates of resolutions in commissions have ended.

·       If a member of the jury has not submitted the envelope in the afternoon, he/she must do so by 8.30 on Day 3.

·       The selections of the jury must be confidential.

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