MUN awards ceremony

11/12/2009 21:25

You(mun participant) are cordially invited to the mun awards ceremony 2009, which will take place on December 16 at the MGI Auditorium.

Final Security and Admission policies
-Guests are reminded that this Award Ceremony extends primarily to mun participants.
-For security & control purposes you should bring along your MUNC-09 badge along with you.
-If you wish to bring along guests, you are to contact Mr Dabee who will issue access cards.
-Issuance of access cards is on a case by case basis at Mr Dabee's discretion.
-For verification purposes a guest list database has already been made.
-Admission is only on the basis of access cards and mun badges.
-If you have somehow lost your badge, the student ID card is acceptable.
-People found in possession of alcohol, or in a state of ebriety will be severely dealt with.

Mr Dabee contact details
Phone number: 6015204 / 6015214
E-mail Add. :

For additional information, contact an MUN representative:
Phone numbers:

Dress code
Anything smart will do

1 pm -Distribution of certificates
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm -MUN official ceremony
Awards conferred
Parading of best delegations\best delegates

3.30 pm onwards -Concert\live music


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